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An initial investment of $200 can get you started.  Several payments plans available.

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Why become an owner?

Besides becoming an owner of the Most Awesome Grocery store in America, you will receive great benefits such as.

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What is a Co-op?

A co-operative is a group of people that come together to complete a common task.  Cooperatives work for the sustainable development of their communities and Awesome Grocery will be a great addition to the City of Tulsa.


Why reward outside investors with more profits?   Awesome Grocery plans to return surplus revenue to its members in proportion to how much they use the Cooperative.  This allows members to make money just by shopping at the Grocery Store.  

About Awesome

What is Awesome?

Awesome Grocery LLC is a new business and Cooperative that will be located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Awesome Grocery will consist of three full sized grocery stores and each location will be an upscale Grocery with in-store restaurant with a distinct menu that includes authentic, Soul Food, Tex-Mex and Modern American Cuisine.  Awesome Grocery would like to start by opening a store in the heart of North Tulsa, followed by new stores in both Midtown and Downtown Tulsa.



What Awesome! can do?

The mission of Awesome Grocery is to provide Tulsa, Oklahoma’s residents with a combination of quality, authentic, hard to find, grocery items, with good service and a pleasant atmosphere.  Our store motto is, “eat and enjoy.”

The deli will serve sandwiches, salads, specialty drinks, and picnic lunches. Gift items will complement the international theme of the store and include a limited selection of kitchen wares, cookbooks, picnic items, and original apparel. Gift baskets will also be available in the store and over the Internet.  All the recipes used in the deli will highlight the grocery items sold in the market. 

The gourmet and specialty foods market is booming across the country. Consumers are looking for quality food coupled with a quality shopping experience. Many large cities have entire sections dedicated to ethnic foods and culture. Downtown Tulsa is booming as more and more people are moving inside the Inner Dispersal Loop. These new populations are starved for the fine ingredients they were able to purchase in other parts of the city and are looking for a new solution to their problem. Many of Tulsa’s residents and visitors have expressed the desire for a local gourmet food store.


By making alliances with local farmers and restaurants, as well as international distributors, Awesome Grocery will give customers a combination of “shopping local” and wide gourmet selection previously unavailable in many areas of the city. For residents, Awesome Grocery offers a more convenient and appealing option than ordering on-line or driving across town to buy groceries.


Awesome Info

Awesome, Grocery will become a staple in Tulsa, Oklahoma allowing residents to keep their money in their community.  Every dollar spent at Awesome Grocery is an investment in your community.