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An initial investment of $200 can get you started.  Several payments plans available.

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Why become an owner?

Besides becoming an owner of the Most Awesome Grocery store in America, you will receive great benefits such as.

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Remote Ordering Kiosks

Awesome Grocery is also planning Remote Ordering Kiosks service that will be marketed toward restaurants and other businesses. Each Remote Ordering Kiosks will be similar in function to a self-checkout and have the ability to take orders and accept payments.  


Most North Tulsa residents will need to travel three or more miles to get to a full service grocery store.  Some North Tulsa residents without access to a car might not be able to get to a grocery store at all. Beginning soon, residents in North Tulsa will be able to ride a shuttle bus directly from their home to the grocery store.  Awesome Grocery aims to make the trip as convent and as low cost as possible with multiple pickup locations and special offers.