More Shopping Trends

Awesome Grocery takes the Lead.   The national average for a grocery shopping trip is $30.  However, Awesome Grocery intends to take the lead and maximize the store for $15 transactions.  There are a lot of factors that go in to a customer’s decision to shop at a particular grocery store and Awesome Grocery has isolated the top two.  Location and efficiency are the primary reasons for a customer to choose a grocery store.  

Awesome Grocery has determined that most shoppers are just looking for high quality sores to be located in their neighborhood or near their place of employment.  Efficiency is the most important factor when customers select a grocery store.  If at any time a customer feels that a store is inefficient the shopper always has the option of abandoning the shopping cart and finding another store.  Awesome Grocery plans to use technology to tackle the efficiency issue by installing recipe kiosks and building a Smart Phone Application that will use instore GPS to lead customers directly to the products they are looking for.    

The Self-Checkout. Many customer have a love–hate relationship with the self-checkouts but Awesome Grocery plans to change all that.  Traditionally one instore attendant may be responsible for controlling up to ten individual self-checkouts units.  The traditional method can cause a large backlog if more than one customer needs help at the same time.  

Awesome Grocery believes the solution for this problem is to add virtual employees in a call center to remotely administer each self-checkouts unit and cash register.  The remote call center employees will have complete control of the units and be able to key in codes and provide overrides.  Efficiency will be greatly increased with the remote call center employees backing up each checkout lane. 

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