Site Performance

Grocery stores typically have relations with a number of far-flung distributors around the world, and access to direct sellers for major foreign brands. Large chains, can benefit from economies of scale and obtaining more hard-to-find items in bulk. Smaller, owner-operated stores such as ours pay higher prices and have less space to store overstock or seasonal items.

Our success will depend on knowing our clientele, and what they want. Our challenges are to keep enough popular items in stock for repeat customers, while introducing new and seasonal items and specials frequently enough to keep buyers intrigued. 

Many gourmet food stores offer meals or individual dishes prepared in the store. In addition to our frozen pre-made selections, Awesome Grocery will have a deli, open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and an in-store seating area. This part of our business competes with local restaurants and grocery stores. Our deli must offer foods that are familiar enough not to intimidate customers, but interestied, with new combinations or unique ingredients, to provide them with a sense of adventure and indulgence. The deli and the store offerings should complement each other.